The Cars

Lotus Evora


The Evora is a car for serious drivers who enjoy the combination of performance and the open road. Its design and engineering technology ensure that the driver is fully immersed in a sensory experience, where exactly the right feedback is transmitted from the road to make even the most ordinary drive feel special. For handling, performance, exquisite poise and usability, the Lotus Evora delivers in every aspect.

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 Lotus Elise Sports Racer 


Harking back to some key Lotus sports and GT racer colour schemes (used on some versions of the Lotus Elite, Type 23, and Lotus Elan) from the 1950s and 1960s, Lotus introduces the limited edition Lotus Elise Sports Racer. Based on the very successful Lotus Elise 111R, the Elise Sports Racer was built in limited numbers with a total production run, of 199 units worldwide with each one given an individually numbered build plate. Featuring the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine, producing 189bhp.

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